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Business Innovation & Growth

The financial services landscape has evolved with new market entrants such as challenger banks and big tech companies, and rising customer expectations. To thrive, financial institutions must constantly challenge their existing business model, invest in innovation and actively seek growth opportunities. It’s now imperative to (re)consider where to play, and how to win.

Challenges our clients are facing

  • Staying ahead of the emerging competition of new market entrants such as challenger banks and big tech companies.
  • Lack of customer engagement and retention – need for reassessing the business model with a focus on customers.
  • Meeting customer expectations with a competitive advisory proposition and an innovative, transparent pricing model.
  • Building a data-driven organisation and fully virtual customer journeys to make informed decisions and gain competitive advantage.
  • Lack of adoption of innovative, digital solutions and poor front-to-back understanding and oversight on key risks.

How we support you

We help banks to take a bold step forward to thrive in the new digital era through:

Operational Excellence

Harnessing the right tools in this digital age establishes resilient and efficient operations for business sustainability. Optimising your operational model is key in attaining efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our experts will guide your operating model to the next level, delivering more value to your customers at a fraction of the effort and resource.

Challenges our clients are facing

  • Rising client expectations such as an increasing demand for availability and transparency.
  • Exposure to new competitors that results in higher cost-sensitive clients.
  • High levels of investment required for a high-paced digital transformation (e.g., infrastructure).
  • Demand to reduce costs in operations to secure budgets for digitalisation and user journeys.
  • Persistent regulatory pressures driving process and operations’ complexity and costs.

How we support you

We help banks optimise their business and thrive in the new digital era through:

Regulatory Compliance & Risk

The compliance and risk environment continues to evolve with the increasing sophistication of the monetary, business and economic landscape. Our experts can help in regulatory and risks assessments, definition of target operating model, technology implementation, and complex areas around specific regulatory topics, data analytics and risk modelling.

Challenges our clients are facing

  • Ever-increasing complexity of the global business and regulatory environment.
  • Cost of compliance and risk management continues to be an increasing concern.
  • Ever growing digital adoption and emerging strength on alternative investments and crypto creates new risks.
  • Getting data management right to access relevant and powerful insights into the business to enable timely decision making.
  • RegTech presents an excellent opportunity for financial institutions to fight their legacy challenges.

How we support you

We help banks respond to the ever-changing risk management, regulatory and compliance requirements, and thrive in the new digital era through:

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