Blockchain Education & Business Model Assessment

Blockchain technology and digital assets are here to stay. So how do cryptos and their underlying technology work? Understand how can assets be tokenised and derive the impact of a tokenised economy on your business model.

Are you asking yourself

  • Can cryptocurrencies or digital assets offerings generate new revenue streams?
  • Do progressive Swiss digital assets regulations provide a competitive advantage for my organisation?
  • Which risks come with digital assets?
  • Am I too late in the game? Or is the timing just right?

What you will get from us:

  • Establish a foundational knowledge of blockchain technology and its implications to make informed decisions.
  • Discover, ideate and innovate on potential crypto use cases to generate new revenue streams.
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Our Approach

  • Blockchain Fundamentals

    Get to know the blockchain basics and technical foundation (i.e. transaction capabilities, legitimacy, consensus, cryptocurrencies).

  • Tokenized Economy Workshop

    Learn about tokenized economy, its use cases and the legal implications (i.e. Tokenisation and cryptoassets, decentralized finance).

  • Smart Contract Application

    Focus on the use cases in your organisation that can be addressed with smart contracts.

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