Regulatory driven Data Management

With the ever-increasing pressure from regulators across the globe, banks will need to manage their data efficiently. A strong and resilient data management framework and solution will enable you to meet current and anticipated future regulatory reporting demands.

Are you asking yourself

  • Many regulatory requirements are in parallel
  • Is my organization coping well with the increasing demand from the authorities
  • Many individual evaluations were started over the time
  • Does my organization have a plan to store and manage the growing number of data artefacsts?

What you will get from us:

  • Clear and logical datamodel
  • Easy adjustments for new regulatory reports
  • Cost efficiency for future regulatory reporting requests and maintenance
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Our Approach

  • Enterprise Architecture

    Assess current Enterprise Architecture and decide to build or update the existing model

  • Point of Truth

    Design a logical data model to create a single “Point of Truth ”

  • Robotics

    Check individual robotics solutions for report creation

  • Synergy Creation

    Create synergies by merging existing processes and projects

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